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Caroline, Dawn, Karen, Lottie, Louise


Hello Everyone!

I am 34 years old & have a dog called Sammy who is an energetic 8 year old Jackapoo, as well as a 13 year old cat called Timmy & 4 chickens.

I live with my husband Will & our 3 year old daughter Rosie who keeps us on our toe’s & another one on the way.

I manage the team and run the admin side, so if your sending an email to us, I’m the one behind the scenes running the schedules.

I am Canine First Aid Trained.

Role: Admin & Full or Half Day House Sitter

Area’s Covered: For Full or Half Day House sits all surrounding areas between Shaftesbury & Blandford.


Hi I’m Dawn

I live in Gillingham so love to do pet visits in the area as well as walk lots of dogs for Mooches with Pooches in Shaftesbury.

I have a beautiful Rotty called Barnaby who is 9 months old, so I am doing lots of training with him. Previously to Barnaby I’ve owned 2 other Rottweilers – Dexter & Custard. I totally adore the breed!

Role: Dog Walker & Pet Sitter (Small animal visits)

Area’s Covered: Gillingham, Shaftesbury, Motcombe


Hi, I’m Karen. I have lived in Shaftesbury for almost thirty years and I really enjoy working for Mooches with Pooches. I’m happy outdoors whatever the weather and my job means I get to walk some brilliant dogs in spectacular places.

Having owned rescued Bulldogs for most of my married life, I don’t currently have a dog of my own but I am granny to my daughter’s Chihuahua cross toy poodle, Bear. Our house is his second home and he even has his own toy box in the living room.

I am Canine First Aid Trained.

Role: Dog Walker & Pet Sitter (Small animal visits)

Area’s Covered: Shaftesbury, Motcombe


Hi, I absolutely adore and have great respect for all animals, so much so that at age 13 I became a Vegetarian. I loved having owned lop eared rabbits and two cheeky cats – Salt and Pepper.

I’ve lived in Gillingham most my life so I’m really excited to work for Mooches With Pooches and to have the opportunity to be around all animals, bringing them joy with walks and visits no matter the weather!

Role: Dog Walker and Pet Sitter (Small animal visits), Full or half day house sitter & overnight house sitter.

Area’s covered: Gillingham and Shaftesbury


HI my name is Lou and I am so pleased and excited to be joining the Mooches and Pooches team.

I am 46 and I live in Buckhorn Weston, I have two golden retrievers called Phoebe aged 9 and Violet who is 5. They are mother and daughter but mostly act like two naughty siblings.

I have 3 children, 2 daughters and a son and 2 grandsons.

I am canine first aid trained and have many years experience working in a local kennel with a variety of breeds.

I look forward to meeting your wonderful four legged friends.

Role: Dog Walker & Pet Sitter (Small animal visits)

Area’s Covered: Gillingham, Shaftesbury, Motcombe

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